Can you add baggage after booking Latam airlines? (2024)

Can you add baggage after booking Latam airlines?

For flights operated by LATAM

How do I add baggage to Latam airlines?

How to add baggage after booking your ticket:
  1. Go to the My trips section.
  2. Enter your trip details (order number or reservation code and last name).
  3. Click the “Add baggage” button, located under your order number and in the baggage area under your itinerary.

Can I add baggage to my flight after booking?

You can add baggage, seats and other extras to your flight with the airline directly. Most airlines have a Manage My Booking page to do this. You'll need your airline reference to log in which can be found on the Flights section of your documentation.

Can I add extra baggage after booking?

Yes. You can increase your baggage allowance on 20kg bags when you check in for your flight online. Passengers can add up to 3kg in excess baggage to each 20kg Check-in Bag for a fee when checking in online, up to 2 hours before departure.

Can we add baggage after booking the ticket?

Prepayment for excess baggage must be received at least 6 hours before your scheduled departure time. Refer to the tables below for the discount rates for advanced payment of excess baggage fees, then: Pay online: Go to the Manage Booking tab on our homepage. Pay over the phone: Call customer support.

Does Latam charge for luggage?

If your checked baggage exceeds the maximum weight or dimensions allowed, you'll have to pay an extra cost. Remember that these values may vary according to the date of the flight (high or low season), anticipation of the purchase and/or travel route.

How much is a luggage at Latam?

If your carry-on baggage exceeds the allowance included in your fare (amount, size, or weight allowed), it will be sent to the hold for an extra cost starting from $30 on domestic flights and from $60 on international flights.

How do I add luggage after online check in?

You can purchase the extra baggage upon web check-in, or by contacting the airline call center directly. You can also do so when checking in at the airline check-in counter at the airport. Please note that web check-in is only available for some airlines and flight routes.

How much do I have to pay for an extra baggage?

Baggage categoryFeeMax Weight
LugLess carry-on$14-$3925lbs
First checked bag$3050lbs
Second checked bag$4550lbs
Third checked bag$150+50lbs
6 more rows

Can we add extra baggage in international flight?

For an additional fee, you can carry baggage heavier or larger than what is allowed on both our international and domestic sectors. If you exceed the permissible weight limit, we charge a fee on the excess baggage applicable on your ticket. The weight limit on a single bag is 32kg/70 lb.

What is Latam baggage policy?

What is the maximum number of checked bags allowed? You are allowed to bring a maximum of 10 checked bags, per passenger, including the 15 kg bag and special baggage. For flights between Ecuador and the United States, a maximum of 2 bags per passenger in the Economy cabin and 3 bags in the Premium cabin is permitted.

What is the baggage weight limit for Latam Airlines?

LATAM Airlines baggage allowance
LATAM AirlinesTravel RegionFree Baggage Allowance
To/From or Through Mexico / Canada / Australia * / New Zealand * except between Australia and New Zealand2 pieces, 23 kg (50 lb) each
To/From or Through United States2 pieces, 23 kg (50 lb) each
1 more row

Does Latam have Economy plus?

The LATAM + seat gives you the best comfort and the best travel experience when you fly in Premium Economy, with more space and recline. Choose your LATAM + seat at no cost and reserve it in the process of purchasing your ticket, in the My trips section with your reservation code or by calling our Contact Center.

Is it cheaper to buy luggage at the airport or online?

Luggage fees

The sure-fire way to avoid this fee is to travel with a carry-on bag only. However, if you simply cannot do without your checked luggage, try to pay for the bag online, as it is typically much cheaper to purchase your bag on the airline's website rather than pay up front at the check-in counter.

Is International luggage free?

Many airlines let you check one bag for free on international flights booked in the main cabin, although their policies vary widely. For example, American Airlines offers a first checked bag for free on transatlantic and transpacific flights not booked in basic economy.

How expensive is a carry-on bag?

What is included –the seat and a personal item, such as a laptop case or tote bag. Bought in advance, a carry-on item could run anywhere from $25 to $42, depending on the airline and flight duration –and at the gate, the same bag could cost up to $64 with Flair and $90 with Swoop, according to their websites.

Is it cheaper to add checked baggage?

1. Pay for additional weight in advance. It's nearly always cheaper to book extra hold luggage in advance rather than paying excess baggage fees at the airport. Airlines know that keeping within weight/size limits is not always possible, so they encourage you to plan ahead by selling extra weight online.

How much does extra baggage cost on international flights?

Excess Baggage on International Flights
11 more rows

Is it cheaper to add luggage?

Tips for not going over your luggage weight

Book extra baggage allowance before you get to the airport – if you think you're going to go over your baggage allowance it's worth booking extra. It's likely to be cheaper than risking it and being charged.

Do international flights allow 2 checked bags?

International flights allow one, and often two, pieces of checked luggage per passenger. International luggage allowance is often influenced by whether the flight is intracontinental (within the same continent) or intercontinental (across the ocean or spanning different continents).

Which international airlines gives maximum baggage allowance?

Note: No free baggage will be applicable for infant.
Check-in Baggage
AirlineRest of the World
11 more rows

What happens if my luggage is over 23kg?

Overweight baggage

The maximum weight in Premium and Economy is 23kg per bag. If yours are heavier than that, you'll need to pay an overweight baggage fee at the airport. In Upper Class the maximum weight is 32kg per bag.

Why can't I add baggage to my itinerary?

Adding checked baggage

Note: If you can't see additional baggage options, it could be the flight does not offer them or they have sold out.

How do you add luggage?

How to add baggage when booking flights:
  1. Enter your desired destinations into the Alternative Airlines search bar.
  2. Browse flights and click "Confirm Selection" when you find the flight you wish to purchase.
  3. Scroll down on the passenger details page and select the baggage you wish to add.

How much does it cost to add baggage to a flight?

Excess baggage fees by airline
AirlineExcess baggage charge
British Airways£65 per bag
Delta$100-$200 per bag depending on weight, size, number of pieces, and route
easyJet£12 per kilo
Emirates$15-$50 per kilo, depending on route
14 more rows
Mar 7, 2023


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