How do I make friends as an adult? (2024)

How do I make friends as an adult?

Making friends, especially in adulthood, is hard. Why pretend otherwise? If you're an adult struggling to make friends, you're not alone: in a 2021 study, 12% of adults said that they didn't have any close friends. And only half of adults, 51%, said that they're satisfied with the amount of friends they have.

Is it harder to make friends as an adult?

Making friends, especially in adulthood, is hard. Why pretend otherwise? If you're an adult struggling to make friends, you're not alone: in a 2021 study, 12% of adults said that they didn't have any close friends. And only half of adults, 51%, said that they're satisfied with the amount of friends they have.

How do older adults make new friends?

10 Ways to Make Friends When You're Older
  1. Attend religious services. ...
  2. Connect with activity groups. ...
  3. Enroll in continuing education. ...
  4. Extend social invitations. ...
  5. Go on a date. ...
  6. Join support groups. ...
  7. Starting exercising. ...
  8. Strike up a conversation.

How do introverts make friends as adults?

Here are a few ways you can make friends as an introvert.
  1. Embrace your hobbies and interests. ...
  2. Don't be afraid to try new things. ...
  3. But feel free to start small. ...
  4. Reconnect with old friends. ...
  5. Look at the people already around you. ...
  6. Be yourself. ...
  7. Don't rush – it takes time.
Sep 16, 2022

Is it normal to not have friends as an adult?

It's not uncommon for adults to have a smaller social circle or to feel like they don't have close friends. Factors such as work, family responsibilities, and geographic location can all contribute to feelings of social isolation.

How many friends does the average adult have?

How many real friends a person has varies a lot, and it usually changes through the course of your life. According to a 2021 survey data, the average person in America has between 3 and 5 close friends. According to this survey: 49% report having 3 or fewer close friends.

How can I socialize when I have no friends?

The following are ten things to try if you have no friends:
  1. Identify What You Want in a Friend. ...
  2. Practice Small Talk. ...
  3. Prioritize Meeting New People. ...
  4. Reconnect With Old Friends. ...
  5. Deepen Connections With Your Coworkers. ...
  6. Get Support for Shyness or Social Anxiety. ...
  7. Start Volunteering. ...
  8. Join Friendship Apps.
Jun 14, 2023

How do socially awkward adults make friends?

How to Make Friends When You Have Social Anxiety
  1. Fight Negative Thinking.
  2. Set Small Goals.
  3. Practice Social Skills.
  4. Meet New People.
  5. Say Yes to Invitations.
  6. Stay in Touch.
  7. Talk With a Therapist.
  8. Frequently Asked Questions.
Oct 5, 2023

How many good friends do most adults have?

According to Pew, 61% of adults in the U.S. say that having close friends is essential to living a fulfilling life — that's more than those who cited marriage, children or money. A slim majority of adults surveyed (53%) said they have between one and four close friends.

At what age do people stop making new friends?

At every stage, we're trying to figure out how to navigate friendship,” she says. Research tells us that, for both men and women, the age of 25 is when most of us start losing friends. “Suddenly, your friends disappear, or you all start taking new life directions as you graduate from college,” Jackson says.

Why do adults struggle to make friends?

Research shows that the most common reason why people struggle to connect with others is due to a lack of trust.

Are introverts more likely to be single?

Consistent with our original hypothesis, extraversion was a significant predictor of singlehood status, with introverted being more likely than extroverted people to be involuntarily single and to experience longer spells of singlehood.

Do introverts have higher IQ?

On average, introverts and extroverts are the same in terms of intelligence. But statistics show that around 70% of gifted people are introverts. People are considered “gifted” when they exhibit above-average intelligence or a superior talent for something, such as music, art or math.

What kind of friends do introverts like?

Seek out comfortable people and comfortable places

Introverts prefer to stay in their comfort zones, Dr. Helgoe said, and they also like spending time with “comfortable people,” meaning friends who don't feel compelled to talk the entire time you are together (or expect you to).

Is it OK if I have no friends?

It's possible that you like being on your own most of the time and are content with how things are in life. You might not want to make friends anymore, or maybe you're just experiencing a rough patch in life. If this is the case, it's perfectly fine to be without friends.

Who to talk to when you have no friends?

See a counselor. Sometimes, you need a little help working on yourself so that you can be open to new friendships. Excessive negative thoughts and feelings might signal an issue that requires professional help. Plus, if you have trouble socializing, it might indicate social anxiety, shyness, or some other issue.

How do I get a social life?

How to Improve My Social Life
  1. Accept More Invitations. ...
  2. Take a Class or Join a Club. ...
  3. Invite a Friend or Coworker for Coffee. ...
  4. Spend Less Time on Your Computer and Game Systems. ...
  5. Reconnect with Friends and Family. ...
  6. Address Any Anxiety Issues. ...
  7. Be Polite. ...
  8. The Importance of Physical and Mental Health.

Where do most people make friends?

Where do adults find new friends?
  1. Book clubs. If you enjoy reading, you might find that a book club is a great place to meet new people. ...
  2. Sports leagues and workout classes. ...
  3. Gaming groups. ...
  4. Adult education classes. ...
  5. Friendship apps. ...
  6. Parenting groups. ...
  7. Senior centers. ...
  8. Churches or spiritual groups.
Sep 25, 2023

How long do most friendships last?

Obviously, most people don't meet all of their friends during childhood and, unfortunately, not all friendships last forever. The poll found that the average friendship lasts for 17 years, however, 17 percent say they've had the same best friend for over 30 years!

How often do adults see their friends?

Less than half (43%) of Americans socialize with their friends in person on a daily or weekly basis. While many regularly see friends in person, it's still less likely for friends to see each other daily – only 14% say they're coming together to socialize every day.

What happens if you never socialize?

Social disconnection has previously been linked to poor immune function, cardiovascular issues such as high blood pressure and neurodevelopmental impairment, according to the study. It can also be a form of stress, which can negatively affect the body.

Why do I seem to have no friends?

People who are uncomfortable with others or prefer to be alone may have a hard time maintaining friendships. Personality issues such as being pushy, too talkative, or controlling can be off-putting to others. Talking to an objective third party such as a therapist can help reveal issues that interfere with friendships.

What disorders make it hard to make friends?

Social anxiety disorder is an intense, persistent fear of being watched and judged by others. This fear can affect work, school, and other daily activities. It can even make it hard to make and keep friends.

Are people with ADHD socially awkward?

If you have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), you might find making and keeping friends, talking to co-workers, or just saying the right things in a social setting difficult or awkward.

How do I overcome social anxiety and make friends?

Attending clubs that concern subjects you're interested in, interacting with individuals who share similar mindsets as you, and volunteering for organizations with beliefs you are passionate about are all ways you can socialize yourself with others.


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