What is the best time to buy Amtrak tickets? (2024)

What is the best time to buy Amtrak tickets?

The earlier you book your tickets, the more likely you are to get the lowest fare available for the dates you want on the routes along your journey. You may book your travel up to 11 months in advance.

What is the cheapest day to book Amtrak tickets?

The cheapest day to buy Amtrak tickets may vary, but generally, midweek days like Tuesday and Wednesday tend to offer more affordable fares. Contact 1-206-558-5211 for detailed pricing. Amtrak, with its extensive rail network, offers travelers a unique and scenic way to traverse the United States.

How far in advance should I buy Amtrak tickets?

If travelers make their reservations 14 days in advance, they may still be able to save up to 25% on their Amtrak fare. An Amtrak rail ticket can be booked up to 11 months in advance.

What is the best day to buy a train ticket?

Travel during peak travel periods will usually see you paying more as there is more demand for tickets. For that reason, the best days to buy tickets are generally in the middle of the week between Tuesday and Thursday, the former considered the best of all by several sources.

What time do train tickets get cheaper?

In general, Off-Peak hours begin at 09:30 from Monday to Friday in cities and large towns, and at 09:00 everywhere else. If your train is scheduled to depart after this time, you can travel with an Off-Peak ticket. Weekends and bank holidays are Off-Peak all day.

How often does Amtrak have sales?

Nationwide Amtrak Discounts

Before you start clicking links, make sure to check Amtrak's Weekly Specials, on sale between Tuesday and Friday each week. These are deeply discounted fares (often up to 80% off) that can be for any train in the country. It's a grab bag, but you might get lucky. Check them out here.

Is it cheaper to buy Amtrak tickets online or at the station?

This is regardless of reservations made or fares previously quoted by ticket agents, Amtrak.com or elsewhere. Higher fares usually apply when purchasing tickets onboard the train. To secure the best available fare, passengers should purchase tickets prior to boarding the train.

How can I save money on Amtrak tickets?

Book early: Amtrak offers lower prices for those who book their tickets in advance. You can save up to 25% off the regular fare by booking your tickets at least 14 days in advance. Use Amtrak's promotions and discounts: Amtrak offers various promotions and discounts throughout the year.

Does AAA have Amtrak discounts?

The AAA discount will only be available on the Capitol Corridor, the San Joaquins, and the Pacific Surfliner; it will not be good on long-distance Amtrak routes that travel through California, such as the Coast Starlight or Zephyr.

Does Amtrak offer senior discount?

And since Amtrak travelers 65 years of age and over are eligible to receive a 10% discount on most trains, it becomes an affordable alternative.

What time is the best time to buy a ticket?

The Expedia study found that the sweet spot is 28 to 35 days before departure while the Google study found prices bottomed out 44 days before departure. However, both studies agree that you don't want to wait until the last minute. Book at least 21 days before departure.

When should I book train tickets?

You can reserve your ticket 60 days in advance, excluding the date of journey at the train originating station. At intermediate stations where the train arrives the following day, reservation can be done 61 days in advance. In the case of some intercity day express trains, the advance reservation period is less.

Is it better to buy train tickets in advance or on the day?

Advance tickets are great value, and ideal for saving money on long journeys. They must be bought in advance and are only valid on the date and train specified. All Advance tickets are for single journeys, but you can combine tickets to create your whole journey, including your return.

What's the cheapest way to book train tickets?

Use Online Booking Platforms: Websites and apps like IRCTC, MakeMyTrip, and Cleartrip often offer discounts and cashback offers on train ticket bookings. Check for Special Discounts: Indian Railways occasionally offers discounts for senior citizens, students, and other categories.

Which is the best site to book train tickets?

MakeMyTrip is the leading portal for making your IRCTC ticket booking within a few minutes. All you have to do is enter your source and destination and look at all the trains available on the selected route.

Are Amtrak tickets cheaper in advance?

The earlier you book your tickets, the more likely you are to get the lowest fare available for the dates you want on the routes along your journey. You may book your travel up to 11 months in advance.

Is the AAA discount discontinued on Amtrak?

Amtrak no longer offers discounted fares for students and AAA members—both of which had 10% discounts— and increased the senior discount eligibility age from 62 to 65. The discount programs changed between January and February, with no official announcement from Amtrak.

Can I bring food on Amtrak?

Amtrak food policy

Passengers are allowed to bring their nonalcoholic beverages and food on Amtrak trains. This policy applies to all Amtrak seat classes. When you bring your own food and drinks, however, they can be consumed only in your ticketed seat or private sleeper car.

Why are Amtrak prices so high?

Getting government funding for railways that is comparable to air travel and roads is difficult. Amtrak trains are also slower and more expensive to operate than they are in other countries, but without a big investment to fund major upgrades, it's going to be hard to fix that.

Do you sit wherever you want on Amtrak?

Your seat will be automatically assigned when you complete your reservation. You may change your assigned seat and choose a different seat at any time after your booking is complete by viewing your reservation in the Amtrak app or on Amtrak.com.

Does AARP offer discounts on Amtrak?

Standard Amtrak Discounts (Students, Seniors, etc.)

Seniors: Travelers 65+ receive a 10% discount (excludes Auto Train). There is no additional AARP discount. Military: 10% discount for military personnel plus their spouses and dependents. No further USAA discount.

Is it worth getting a room on Amtrak?

Traveling in a Roomette is one of the best benefits of traveling on an overnight long-distance train. Traveling through stunning landscapes and relaxing in your comfortable private room while gently being rocked to sleep by the movement of the train — this is what awaits you in a Roomette onboard Amtrak.

Can I bring alcohol on Amtrak?

You may bring aboard your own private stock of alcoholic beverages subject to the following limitations: You may consume private stock alcoholic beverages only in Sleeping Car accommodations for which you have a valid ticket. You may not consume private stock alcoholic beverages in any public area.

Is Amtrak cheaper than driving?

The moment you start adding additional passengers, the train trip becomes substantially more expensive but the car trip doesn't. If price is the deciding factor, the car trip will usually be the cheaper one for anything more than a single passenger or a single passenger with infant child in tow.

Does Amtrak check ID?

Random Ticket/ID Checks

Following federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines, we regularly conduct random ticket verification checks onboard trains to ensure that passengers are properly ticketed. Please be prepared to show valid photo identification to a member of the onboard crew upon request.


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